1 x Tranquil Beauty Bath Spa Pillow Non Slip Premium Cushion


  • 1 x Tranquil Beauty Bath Spa Pillow Non Slip Premium Cushion
  •  The days of getting out of the bath tub with a sore neck are over.
  • We’ve created a Bath pillow that is easy to seat in all types of bath tub for a relaxing spa experience from your very home.
  • Trust Tranquil to provide a calming headrest, we ensure that your head and neck are properly supported giving the sort of luxury you would expect from a spa massage, enjoy with candles for the most relaxing experience.
  • Our waterproof pillow cushion can be easily removed via pulling the suction cups away from the bathtub surface and once dried with a towel can be stored back in the beautiful Tranquil Beauty Box it comes with. I
  • t’s the mother of all bath gift sets for women and men.
  • To Clean Simply remove from the tub and wipe with a cloth and some detergent making sure to rinse thoroughly and dry.
  • We have tested different foam types such as memory foam, our bathtub pillows are made with a luxury material that is supportive and comfortable for the best bathing accessories possible.
  • We were tired of the old style inflatable pillows we had tried and decided to design a more permanent headrest that doesn’t require any effort to set up.
  • Our Gorilla grip design means simply plug on the suction cups and enjoy your bath knowing you have a water proof cushion for back support.
  • The square design of the bathtub pillow means it is suitable for all body types, we’ve found this product to be especially useful for pregnancy, elderly and kids.
  • However anyone can use a Tranquil Beauty bath neck pillow from mum to grandma to pets.
  • The pillow can fold over the top of a roll top bath or a round bath making it ideal for all tub types.

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